We work with grassroots partners on the ground in rural Tanzania, as well as larger organisations who share our values.
If you are interested in working with us please get in touch.

Our grassroots partners operate on the ground in rural Tanzania. They include Hope for Girls and Women run by our local rep in Mara Rhobi Samwelly,  Mboni ya Vijana run by Kigoma rep Benedicto HoseaTumaini Open School, run by our local rep Ezekiel Kassanga, and many much smaller partners.

Tanzania Development Trust are working with a mapping partner Crowd2Map, which recently organised the second State of the Map Tanzania. 

We are proudly working with Bees Abroad on a beekeeping project in Kigoma, and Simusolar on various solar irrigation projects.

Having partnered with PiXL International we help secondary schools identify and achieve ambitious and achievable goals for all students. To this end we organise monthly webinar training sessions via Zoom.  School leaders in Tanzania are welcome to join via this WhatsApp group. The recordings of previous sessions are here, and more information and past papers and other curriculum resources here.  There is also a primary group here.

We are also working with LUV+ to improve the lives of people affected by Leprosy in Tanzania.

TDT partners successfully with Trusts and organisations in funding specific projects. One such partnership is with Eucanaid an organisation of EU staff wishing to participate in development projects; with them, we have worked together on a  at Marumba Village in Mtwara and a second in Singida

We also work with many larger organisations that share our values. If you are interested in working with us please get in touch!

We are the country lead for Inspiring Girls, and organise monthly webinars showcasing positive role models particularly to rural girls. Events are recorded and shared via this WhatsApp group.